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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Yacht Broker?

Updated: May 13, 2020

Hiring a yacht broker can actually save you time and money. They are excellent at negotiations and can help you find the best deal.

Yacht Broker Commissions

Yacht Brokers get a commission when selling a boat. The standard commission is 10% of the final selling price. However, their commission becomes negotiable for yachts that sell at higher prices. Yacht broker services are no cost to buyers.

A yacht broker who represents a buyer will try to match that buyer to one of his or her exclusive listings because they will receive a 10% commission from the seller. If the broker does not have a listing that is desirable or suitable for the buyer, the broker will look for yachts that are available for co-brokerage. This means that the listing broker is willing to split his commission with the buyer's broker.

How Do Brokers Save You Money?

Yacht brokers provide a number of services. They:

  • Negotiate the best deal, saving you money upfront and later.

  • Search for your ideal vessel saving you time.

  • Take care of the paperwork necessary to close the deal

  • Prepare and show your listing

  • Organize repairs, surveys, mooring, cleaning, and other services

  • Bring buyers and sellers to the table by enlisting their agency network'

  • Have access to advertising sites and materials not available to the public.

  • Know how to get the best deals on financing and taxes

  • Plus much more

Yacht brokers ensure that you sell your boat faster, putting that much needed money back into your pocket right when you need it most. If buying, they make sure your experience is fun and exciting and completed in a timely manner. Just in time for that special occasion.

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