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Voted Best Yacht Broker Miami Beach Florida

As your Miami based yacht broker, I make your buying or selling experience way less daunting. With thousands of brokers to choose from, finding the right broker or the right boat can seem like a full-time job. In the end, you want a broker like myself that you can trust and rely on to negotiate the best deal. What do I mean when I say reliable?

A reliable yacht broker will take you through an in-depth consultation to get an understanding of your specific needs and be ready to deliver a hassle-free experience.

If you are looking to buy, I will find out your intended use, interests, future plans, destinations, space requirements, and budget. With our combined knowledge and information, I can narrow down your search and look for additional options and amenities when matching you to your perfect yacht. I can also preview boats you are interested in and report back their true condition before you spend your time attending a showing.

If a vessel looks like it has potential, then I will schedule a convenient time for you to view and test the boat. Here is where my assistance becomes invaluable. My task is to ensure that both parties make the viewing on time, so neither party has to wait or become a no-show, which is known to happen in Miami … quite a lot. It's my job to ensure your time is not wasted through out the entire experience.

At the viewing, I will go through your wants and needs again to ensure the boat is a perfect match for you. If it isn’t, I will assess if changes can be made to the boat, or if we need to look elsewhere. If you are not 100% in love with what you see, I will keep presenting you high quality options until your dream yacht is found.

Once we find her, I will handle the detailed survey, negotiations, and documentations to get you ready to set out on the open sea. I can also put you in touch with Miami services, such as repair, customization, crews, cleaning, local marinas, and more.

If you are looking to sell, I can advertise your listing on sites reserved for brokers only. I can also help make your boat presentable and appealing for showings. This includes organizing photos, videos, cleaning, and even interior decorating. During the showings, I bring in a personal touch to make potential buyers feel at ease. I can also put the listing up for co-brokerage, which allows other brokers to contact me with potential buyers. When meeting potential buyers, I will make sure you are aware of their concerns, so we can overcome their objectives together. This may include requests for repairs and negotiations over price.

All that’s left for you to do is have fun shopping and looking forward to having the best time of your life! Or if selling, looking forward to having capitol back in your pocket.

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