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14 Fun activities while boating ...

Updated: May 8, 2020

You want to kick back and enjoy some "you" time, but the fam has other plans. Keep them busy with these fun activities so you can do you. Or hey, just join the fun. Don't forget the camera!

14 Fun Water Activities

  1. Wake Surfing

  2. Golf-fishing - count how many casts it takes to catch a fist, then how many chips it takes to land a biodegradable golf ball from artificial turf on the bow into and inner-tube in the water. Add the cast and chips together, and bam, you get your score.

  3. Frisbee

  4. Basketball - Floating hoops are available

  5. Poker Run - join and collect a card at each participating location until you have a full hand. Or just pay a game of poker - use sea shells as currency

  6. Deck Camping - sleep under the stars - bring a small tent or just sleeping bags

  7. Kayaking

  8. Stand-up Paddle Boarding

  9. Water Trampolining

  10. Karaoke

  11. Water Fetch (Dog Required)

  12. Cards

  13. Snorkeling

  14. Fireworks - legal ones of course

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